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"the oni's feast has begun. humans, beware."
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bureau of felicitations

anyway im gonna go to bed message me if i get put on someone else’s shit list we can throw a party together

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the white and yellow mascots are So Important i guess

ribbon is so important

kinda like how candy was also Very Important just on opposite ends of the maturity spectrum

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presented without context
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This is my proudest moment.
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it’s really easy to get into wolflun’s shitlist though. all you gotta do is just call the gross people out for this disgusting behavior and when he calls you a taliban of social justice then you’re in

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Anónimo sent: what's so great about hoenn anyways?


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bureau of felicitations

walk into the club like what up i—oh. oh shit.  wrong bar.  this isnt the gay bar.  sorry.  i’ll see myself out.

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bureau of felicitations

i cant believe theyre remaking jem tho i am THRILLED

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White people: terrorists? From the Middle East? All brown people no exceptions.
White people: Jesus Christ? From the Middle East? White. Obviously.
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ignore unnecessary negativity. like “you’re too old to go in the inflatable bouncy castle”. don’t listen to things like that. don’t let them control your life. go into that inflatable castle. bounce around all you want. stare intently at the person who told you you couldn’t go in. while bouncing around. the whole time